Cengiz Holding established Cengiz Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş. in 2000 to meet current and future demand in the energy industry. Cengiz Holding entered the energy sector through power generation leasing agreements with EÜAŞ (Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.) and tenders based on the build-operate-transfer business model. The Company’s investment in the industry has been guided by today’s conditions and predictions that demand will increase in the future due to the growing gap between power generation and consumption. The Group is currently engaged in electricity generation and distribution, marketing, sales, trading and natural gas distribution, as well as building natural gas combined cycle power plants. In its own production facilities, turnkey delivery is executed with the Company’s own team.

While Cengiz Enerji also acts as a supplier for other Cengiz Holding sites and supplies electricity to Cengiz İnşaat, its sales team draw up buying and selling arrangements and agreements to meet the power demand of the Holding’s other facilities. Cengiz Enerji also offers technical, sales and marketing consultancy services for Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. Oymapınar Plant, Eti Bakır A.Ş. Murgul Plant and almost all other power generation facilities on sites owned by the Holding.

As well as providing 30% of Turkey’s electricity across 4 regions, Cengiz Holding is also the leader in electricity distribution in Turkey, working in productive partnerships with other organizations.


Holding’s completed and ongoing investments in power amount to 4,937 MW.  Cengiz Holding’s installed capacity is 3,446 MW, 65% thermal and 35% hydroelectric including the renewables, and the ongoing investments will add another 1,491 MW. Cengiz Holding takes an integrated approach to the power generation industry, managing its natural gas distribution, commerce activities and investments so. The Group, with its integrated structure including both ‘natural gas distribution’ and ‘power generation and distribution’, has built on its success in electricity by entering natural gas distribution and now supplies Samsun and parts of Konya. Cengiz Holding is certified with the Wholesale Electricity License required for international electricity operations and sells electricity to Greece and Bulgaria, taking its place among a limited number of operators in the electricity marketplace. With the establishment of Cengiz Elektrik Toptan Satış A.Ş., the Holding is now much more active in the wholesale and retail sale of electricity, as well as the local and international trading and selling.

While intensifying its work in line with the annual Türkiye Elektrik İletişim A.Ş. report, which shows that power consumption has increased by 7%, Cengiz Holding is also prioritizing investment into the technology and infrastructure required for low-cost power generation. The Group procures engineering services from abroad in relation to its generating plants and investments and partners with global leaders including Siemens, Wartsila, General Electric (GE), and ABB.