In all Cengiz Holding management processes, environmental sense and personnel health and safety are the key priority factors. Our objectives in this direction are to ensure continuous improvement of our management systems by assessing risk and opportunities in order to protect the environment and human health.

ln order to achieve these objectives, we undertake to put into practice the following;

  • To take required measures by at all times determining beforehand any possible threats to the environment and human health,
  • To use natural and energy resources in an economical and efficient manner,
  • To provide required recources to increase the performance of management systems efficiently,
  • To minimize the negative impact of our activities on the human and environment,
  • To raise the awareness of all our personnel including our business partners, clients, sub-contractors and supliers regarding protection of health and environment issues,
  • To increase collaboration and awareness by maximizing the participation of the employees in occupational health and safety along with environment activities,
  • To comply with national and international legislation in force and other requirements along with membership terms of the associations that we are a member of,
  • To make continuous improvement in order to prevent the repetition of any accidents and incidents occurred,
  • To ensure accessibility of our policy for the relating parties.


The entire Cengiz Holding personnel are responsible for the protection of human and environment health. The managers on the sites, at the premises and corporate headquarters, understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties, are liable to adopt the awareness and application of this policy by all personnel.